About Me

As an all-around creative I was always amazed with photography and how still images could tell thousands of different stories and bring out different emotions for each individual.

Mainly I focus on Portraits, Fine Art, and Lifestyle photography. I enjoy photo shoots that are creative and a bit different and also create headpieces or sort out the wardrobe for the shoot.
I don’t like to limit myself and happy to say that I have the ability shoot Products, Head Shots, Real Estate, Family, Engagements and Elopements.

I studied graphic design and loved photography as a subject back then when we used to shoot analog and develop in the dark room.

I came to Australia eight years ago with a simple point and shoot camera and tried my best in shooting with what I had. I focused on composition and editing, using my graphic design and Photoshop to create unique and creative imagery.

I love trying creative things in a fast paced environment. I adapt to any given situation and try to bring the beauty out that is already there.   

I’m located in Melbourne but happy to travel interstate and international for bookings.

Melbourne, Victoria